Cut the Adverts

What is the good of opening a store and lack a good display? That is what my friend asked me when he learned that I had opened a travel company but I had been too shy to advertise it. In fact, not even all of my family members know about this company. That is why I have decided to go an extra mile and start to advertise this business.

I have been exploring the best ways in which to advertise. Social media is up there at the top of the list. However, it is not enough alone. I will need to do some car advertising in the form of stickers. I think this will be especially helpful to me because I am targeting the locals for my business. Thus, to make my work of advertising on cars easier, I am planning to use vinyl. But I have realized that I need a vinyl cutter. Thus, I am in the market looking for one.

There are many types of vinyl cutters on sale. In fact, it is a bit confusing for a first-time buyer. However, the good thing is that I start by looking at the reviews left by other people. I figure that if other people find a product useful, I too can use it.

Here are two vinyl cutters that a light-duty user can buy:

Cricut Explore 2 Air

Cricut Explore 2 Air

This is not only the best vinyl cutter for vinyls only, but you also get to use it on hundreds of other materials without a problem. If you love working with your hands, designing things with just about anything that you can lay your hands on, this cutter is a good buy for you. The best thing is that even when you change the material that you are cutting, you do not have to make any adjustments manually.

On the contrary, the machine adjusts itself automatically to cut the new material. It has been designed with Smart Dial Technology. You just have to select the material that you want to cut and leave it to do the rest.

Cutting alone is not enough. You also need a cutter that can write with different fonts. Thankfully, this one writes on all types of materials and in different fonts too. It is a great option for advertising jobs.


  • This is a fast-performing machine
  • It can write on any kind of material
  • It can change the cutting depth automatically
  • It can work with Mac and Windows systems
  • Cuts two times faster than most machines in its price range


  • Subscription fee needed to use the Cricut service online
  • You cannot use third party software

Silhouette Cameo 3 Cutting Machine

Silhouette Cameo 3 Digital

This machine can cut material that is 2 mm thick, thus making it good for different kinds of light-duty cutting jobs at home. The good thing is that it is not limited to cutting vinyls only, but it can also be used to cut foil, cardboard, textile and even leather. This is a very versatile machine. Thanks to the dual cartridges, you will be able to cut two times faster. The cutting width is 12 inches, and you may even cut without using a cutting mat.


  • Cuts fast
  • Silhouette Studio allows you to use their software free for three months
  • Can cut quite a variety of materials
  • Has Bluetooth and USB options to remove cable clutter
  • Comes with all the tools that you need to do your work


  • It is loud
  • Machine does not sense or measure the material on the cutting mat automatically

As you have seen here, it should not be too hard for you to get the best vinyl cutting machine if you know what to look for. The most important thing is to go for a machine that can cut different types of materials. The more automatic features that your machine can have the better so that you do not have to enter manual settings all the time. Remember, just as a mason is careful when buying the best combination square, you too should be keen when buying your vinyl cutting machine so that you get good value for the money.